Power & Simplicity

Simple and elegant for any video conferencing need. This patented, ultra high resolution system is powerful, providing a full conferencing system in one device, with or without a lap top. Mount it anywhere, even center of the table, as it can capture video to 360 degrees. This fully wireless system provides ultimate flexibility; even control the system as you walk around with our controller or wirelessly stream to a display


Set up

Everything you need is included, from cables, to a versatile mount that works on top or front of TV. Just snap it on display for wherever you want to work. Choose one of our controllers — wireless, wired or use our cell phone application.

Set up

Everything you need is included, from cables, to mounting options, to our powerful controller. Our patented, magnetic, flexible mount system provides complete portability. Just snap and go to change where you want the camera, for wherever you want to work. Wired or wireless—you choose.

Works where
you work

With up to 360 degree video capture and it’s ability to follow and automatically frame participants, BlueJay can shine in any work environment, from classrooms to boardrooms. It’s compact design and wireless capabilities means you can move it to whereever you need it. It can even stream wirelessly to a display or connect to other wireless systems – allowing you to leverage existing infrastructure. Connect BlueJay to other Katai cameras to capture multiple images/streams, such as a whiteboard.

Snap and Go

Our patented magnetic mounting system allows you to easily change camera locations. Move the camera around to fit the meeting.